Leap Developments engaged Office Build Solutions to modify their existing full floor office space into a fresh creative space for web developers.


The main issues to solve were that the existing office had furniture that had been relocated several times and was looking dated, the existing desks took up too much space that created a cluttered feeling throughout the office.


Some of the offices had become redundant and there was a growing need for huddle and brainstorming spaces, small medium and large meeting rooms and a convertible seminar space, all meeting spaces needed display solutions capable of webcam, visitor connectivity and ease of use.


The head count needed to be increased to accommodate the future growth planned. There needed to be a breakout space that allowed for casual meetings, recreation and unwinding space not to mention a place to eat their lunch. This was all to be completed while they maintained work within the tenancy.


We created an ergonomic open plan space, that had a fun colour palette that the staff are happy to come to work at.

One of the biggest challenges this refurbishment had was how it was to be staged effectively creating the minimum amount of disruption to the working office, while delivering a comprehensive full floor refurbishment or replacing all desks and workstations with sit to stand desks, monitor arms to enhance desk space, above desk connectivity and device charging capacity.


Each office had installed glass whiteboard, and various meeting spaces installed whiteboard film to cover the larger spaces. Graphic images spread throughout the office to give a fun and motivation for employees and visitors alike.


The kitchen doors and bench tops where replaced so as to match with the new cafe style tables and chairs and banquette seating areas colour scheme, the kitchen breakout space was increased and new vinyl timber plank flooring gave a welcoming and expansive feel to the kitchen breakout space, glass doors and partitions made it welcoming from both entrances. 

All of the offices glass partitions had an artistic film applied to reflect the coloured carpet tiles installed in zones.