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Your office interiors create the health and well-being of your staff

Intuitive Interiors to energize your work

The ideal workspace is so much more than a mere physical location where a group of people gather to work. It is a place where diverse employees might come together to work towards a common goal – the growth and success of your business.

Well-designed offices become a part of a company’s ethos, and can really influence how your team feels about being at work. In fact, it has been proven that creating the right environment can impact health, happiness and productivity at the workplace, and even reduce sick leave and boost retention. Moreover, it also plays a role in attracting and retaining good talent.

It wouldn’t be wrong to look at commercially designed office interiors as a wise investment for your Sydney office. Office Build Solutions offers interior design along with commercial fitouts, making it the one-stop design and construct fitout shop for companies that want to get the most out of their spaces.

Our Approach

We believe that a workspace should be functional, aesthetic and productive, and reflect the culture of your business. Our starting point is the client brief, and we prefer to design with the result as our goal.

Understanding Your Needs

We ask the right questions to understand what you really need, and want. We also try to get a sense of your long term needs, so that we can design a space that can witness your growth over time.

Feasibility Check

We then proceed to do a thorough check measure of your space, and evaluate feasibility for all that you need and want, within your budget.

Office Interiors Design Concept

Our experts brainstorm over all of the inputs from the brief and check measure and come back to you with a design that would work for you, while also complying with the building and local council’s requirements.

Quote Approval and Construction

Once the designed space plan is approved, we get into seeking the necessary permissions to begin to program the construction process so that it runs smoothly.

Office Interiors that work for you

We are committed to doing work that works for you, and will never shy away from sharing honest advice about the options available for you. Our focus is not only to maximize optimum utilization of the space, but also efficient utilization of the available resources. We have helped many clients reuse and repurpose existing furniture to accommodate their changing needs, thus reducing overall costs and minimizing environmental impact. We also stay true to the timelines we commit, and you need not worry about unnecessary delays affecting your business.

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